Living Life Passionately.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Here we go.

I’m not a writer.

It sounds like I’m already making excuses. My spelling and grammar are atrocious, and I have terrible sentence structure (man, I’m really laying it on thick here). Clearly, a blog would seem like a natural thing for a person, like me with all the free time and focus in the world, to start creating, right? In high school, I really enjoyed creative writing. I never actually wrote for fun or for any reason other than it being assigned as coursework. When I was starting college, I took a placement test and was selected to take advanced reading comprehension courses and given a scholarship because of it.

Aside from one 400 level class dedicating the entire semester for us to write and publish our own autobiography, nothing more was written outside of academic purposes. Since then, I’ve only just begun composing scripts for the youtube videos I make in order to collect my thoughts enough for a four-minute video. I sometimes write multiple paragraphs for these projects, imagining how I’d portray each word as I add it to the page. Unfortunately, I’d either not end up using most of the material that I prepared or I don’t end up filming the video at all.

In the recent month, I landed a new job with GoDaddy, a respected tech company mostly known for being a domain registrar and web hosting business, among many other things I’ve been learning about this past month. As I was leaving work with a fellow new hire today, we struck up a conversation with another employee, who happens to hang out in the corner of our office, plugged into a laptop plastered in stickers and arms painted with tattoos. He’s a cool-lookin’ dude, and I’ve seen this individual on social media using the GoDaddy hashtags and throughout the office since starting work.

Turns out he’s a corporate communications manager and today he came to talk to our group of new hires about a platform he had built for internal communications. The system is comparable to Pinterest and Facebook having a child, presented as a way for us to post relevant articles but also help customers and grow our own personal brands. In our exchange later that afternoon, we explored the reason why people make excuses for not creating content on/offline.

It was what I needed to finally sit down a write out my very first blog post. This is a WordPress account I’ve had for ages but never did anything with. Since starting my job, we’ve been encouraged to learn the platform since a lot of our customers use it to build their websites with it. I’ve gone as far as to play with a design I sort of liked but I haven’t looked up anything on how to write a “good” blog post or what makes one of these successful.

Should I have? Probably. But we’re past that now and besides, I have no idea what I want this blog to be. Personal journal? Polished thought dumpster? Who knows. But if I’m taking the time to sit down and to write things out for them to never be shared, I know there could be a better use of my time. So I shall post them here. Hopefully, a format/template will emerge and hey, maybe I’ll even learn some ways to structure my sentences better.

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TLDR; Had a conversation with a co-worker and as a result; inspiration for this post.

Thanks for the read & drink more water.