Confessions of an ex-Disney Crew Member

Confessions of an ex-Disney Crew Member Watch The Video A quick note After posting my video detailing my reasons for resigning, there are plenty of people who have reached out to me in support of what I had to say, I couldn’t ever express how much that means to me, thank you for that. There […]

I Quit

I Quit Watch The Video Hi, I’m Ri and I worked for the Disney Cruise Line for 3 contracts between 2 different ships. While I don’t want this to come off disrespectful, I also want to be authentic to what I thought and how I felt and also not get myself into any trouble, Mickey is […]

Disney Crew Cruise

Disney Crew Cruise. Watch The Video At approximately 7:30 pm EST on September 5th, Commodore Tom made an announcement from the bridge stating that the Disney Fantasy will be canceling the rest of the current cruise. We are changing course to sail back to Port Canaveral and will arrive by 2 pm on September 7th. […]

Happiest Day Of My Life (so far)

Happiest Day Of My Life (so far.) Watch The Video This past year was a wild one for me. One of my absolute favorite moments from my final contract with Disney Cruise Line was the day I flew in a helicopter to go dog sledding on the Denver Glacier in Skagway, Alaska. I was on […]