Who am I

hi, i'm ri.

My colleges and parents call me Raisa. Close friends and the internet call me Ri. It’s nice to greet you.

I’ve been sharing my life online for nearly a decade. Never going anywhere without a camera attached to my hand, photo and videography have always been a huge outlet for my creativity. I’ve worked on everything from social media marketing, video effects, and graphic design. I see every new project as an opportunity to push boundaries and create something unique to help people connect and share their story.

At a young age, I was documenting everything in my life, including the people in it. I’ve always had a curiosity and passion for learning new techniques to apply to my work. After only two semesters of college, I applied and was accepted to an internship at Disneyland as a photographer. That’s when I started making YouTube videos and began really engaging with my viewers online, sharing my journey and giving advice on how to start their own. This was it, I had made it. I peaked at the ripe old age of 19 as a theme park photographer who was semi-famous on the internet. I have since moved to Seattle, Washington to be better at my job and I am so enormously excited.

My Work


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